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Designer & front-end developer passionate about building great user experiences.

Hi there!, my name is Victor and I am a frontend developer from Lagos, Nigeria. I have experience in building web based experiences. I am passionate about UI engineering and I love building experiences that are not just functional, but also delightful to the user.

I am also a designer experienced in designing unique and interactive experiences. This knowledge makes it easy for me to create designs, collaborate better with designers, and bridge the gap between design and engineering teams by speaking the languages of both disciplines.

I am skilled in the following technologies and disciplines.

  • Interactive design
  • Art direction
  • UI Motion
  • HTML, (S)CSS
  • Javascript
  • GSAP
  • VueJS
  • NuxtJS

Check out my projects.


ui/ux design, frontend development, reactjs

Lumifile is a web based document management system that allows users to store, manipulate and share files.

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Robavo X

ui/ux design, art direction, frontend development

RobavoX is an early-stage fund and venture studio, passionate about creating and funding nonprofits and research organizations.

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Resume Craft

ui/ux design, frontend development

Resume craft is a web application built with reactJS that helps users create resumes by just inputing their information.

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Wilba Capital

frontend development

Website for wilba capital - a private investments firm that seeks to identify, acquire, and operate an existing private company in the lower middle market.

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I create interface designs on dribbble, and write on design and development during my spare time on hashnode.

Outside of work, I love to listen to all styles of gospel/decent music and play the keyboard. While I am not doing any of the above, I love to sleep lol, I believe getting adequate sleep helps me to be more productive.

Would you love to work with me, or just want to say hi?, please feel free to. I'm currently open to freelance design projects.

Let’s connect with each other.

Incase you need my email, it is